Tuesday, 21 September 2010


I was REALLY hungry last night and fighting the desperate urges to binge. However, I managed on Weetabix and apples. I was hoping I wouldn't wake hungry but I have. I guess more apples then. The good news is I was 6st 6lb this morning, so I've only gained 1lb since last week's binges. Probably because I've had a good few days, hey?

The dog and I are chilling this morning. Hopefully I will get to take him out later but I have to wait in for a delivery first. Bummer.

Otherwise, my mood is better today. I am shocked at my willpower in the past few days, considering how huge the urges to binge have been. I shall post more of my story later, since I have the time to journal. It's strange because although this blog is anonymous I am still concerned about people that know me finding it, simply because of the intimate details about my past and my family. I guess it's very private and personal information that I have decided to share. On the other hand, I hope that my story will help and inspire others. So I reckon it has its up side.

I must find breakfast...

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