Thursday, 23 September 2010


I went to bed with a scratchy throat and woke up poorly. Achy and shivery and generally feeling pretty zapped. But I dragged myself and the dog out to the park in the pouring rain. It was still pretty warm out though so I was dying in my jacket. Ended up in the rain with a vest top and shorts on! Bizzare hey? I like this time of year though, before it turns into the utter despair of winter and endless months of freezing my arse off in the wind and rain with the dog. And of course last year was particularly stressful with seven feet of snow and iced up roads! Hopefully it'll be a bit milder this year. At least it would save gas.

Had some 'potentially' good news today. The broken keyboard that I bought as ex-repair and had to send back for a refund may result in a brand new one. Hooray! I have been moping all week from not having it and stressing over the extra £400 I would have to find to buy a new one. But luckily it looks like the manufacturer is going to send me a new one because of all the trouble I've had. It' not definite but all my fingers and toes are crossed! I really need it for work so whatever happens I'll end up with one. It would just be wonderful to save that money right now. My bank account is dwindling!

Not been doing so back food wise. Still no binges, thank goodness. Had two cookies today but no dinner, so I guess that balances out somewhat. In fact, I didn't have breakfast or lunch, just a couple of apples and some cereal this afternoon sometime. Feeling poorly has made everything taste like cardboard. Shame, as I was planning on making pasta for tea. Ah, there's always tomorrow.

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