Monday, 29 November 2010


Dear dear dear.

Not doing so great right now with getting through the evenings. I had a MAJOR bingeing session last night. Like MAMMOTH. I'm feeling the effects today, bigtime. I couldn't even get up to walk the dog. Sugar fog. Totally.

So I'm TRYING to give my body a break from sugar. Basically I am a sugar freak; I probably get most of my calories from sugar. So I'm trying trying trying my best today. I haven't caved as of now. I am taking it by the hour. If I give up then at least I made it part way. I'm in NO WAY hungry, in fact I'm super stuffed from last night, but I still want my sugar fix. Yummy. I have to tell myself it's for my own good, it triggers me bigtime, plus my teeth are falling out and really damaged. Sugar is the culprit. And vomiting, obviously. Why not kill two birds with one stone? I have been cooking beautiful meals and they are really healthy, so this evening I have a gorgeous stew to look forward to. Let's hope I make it there.

I'll write more later. I feel drained.

Peace x


  1. I love sugar too and I am paying for it after having hospital dessert every day for a month.I have packed on the weight and sugar is the blame. Now I'm home I am hoping I lose some of this. Good luck to you too.

  2. You can make it this weekend. You can have a good night and know that you're human and it's okay if you slip. None of us are perfect. You can hang in there. Stay with it