Sunday, 28 November 2010


Ah, today. More ups and downs. What's new?

Well lots of arguments in the house, followed by apologies. I won't go into detail - just domestics as usual. I guess this is why people don't generally last living together. Sometimes I just think we are SO impossibly different that how could it ever be harmonious? It always ends in spite.

In other news, picked up a great book yesterday and had the time to swallow it whole. I finished it earlier and it was fabulous, best I've read in a while. If you're interested, it was One Day by David Nicholls. Walked the dog in the snow and fell on my arse many times; it is SO mega icy here it's lethal. I am worried about having to take him alone this week, especially as there is more freezing weather, strong arctic winds and more snow. Great. Makes for fun walking weather.

Pretty good day food wise so far. But then it always is until night. Then it goes rapidly downhill. Currently I am battling the 'full' feeling from having had dinner, an ice lolly and some chewy sweets. I struggle so much not to binge when I feel uncomfortably full. Even though I haven't binged or even overeaten. I just love being hungry and HATE being full. Must work on this!

So this evening, major avoidance of bingeing. Maybe I'll start another book.

I might post again later.

Oh and A BIG THANKS to all the commenters on my last post - I will respond asap x


  1. Congrats on the good day! You'll make it through the night. You have a plan- that's the first step to recovery and avoiding bingeing. Keep reading! It helps me again and you've definitely been quite strong :)

    Kepp it up! Stay strong

  2. One day is good, init? I had to google the front cover image as it sounded familiar but I never remember any names or authors these days.

    Keep going chickpea, you're brilliant xx