Saturday, 9 October 2010


I have had a really lovely day. It's not often I say that with entire sincerity. It's usually something I tell other people so I don't appear miserable, or something that I try to convince myself of when I'm trying hard to be positive. But today, NO effort, just felt happy!

I LOVE it when this happens. It makes me kind of sad that I am missing out on so much by having so many days where I DON'T feel like this - and what would my life by like if I had more days like today?

Well I guess I have to find out why today was so good...I got up on the right side of the bed?!

I managed to get my OH's new jacket and fleece in colours that really suit him, and we both bought new waterproof gloves for the coming wet weather. I got some waterproof socks too as last winter I kept pinching his! So we're kitted out for the winter. We both already have a ton of hiking and wet weather gear for going up mountains etc, but I can always find excuses to buy more!

Tomorrow hopefully we'll take the camper van to the waterfalls and spend the day walking. We can set up and have tea and something to eat then, so we have no rush to get home. The dog always has a ball too. Can't wait!

So much for the good weather's been grey and blowing a gale all day!

Food wise? Good. Had quite a few sweets and two pieces of fruit (to balance out lol) and I made a gorgeous spag bol for us both tonight, packed full of fresh veggies. I have to say I cook yummy food when I can be bothered. Lately I have been having cereal for dinner way too much, and I used to cook from scratch every day. Must get back into the habit because it feels great to eat better.

I don't know if you guys across the pond get 'Come Dine with Me' on TV but I swear I'm addicted and they have just uploaded new episodes online on the 4OD website. It's a show where different people each night host a dinner party for a group of people they haven't met before the start of the week. Needless to say they deliberately mismatch personalities and there are always fireworks, coupled with a lot of disastrous food and bad behaviour! I know there is an Aussie version but don't know if you Americans and Canadians get it over there? It's highly entertaining if you like watching the public wind each other up!

Anyway, living in Wales will become wetter from here onwards...the autumn has set in and if last winter is anything to go by, we shall be facing snow for months to come. Brrr!


  1. I did post a comment on here but it's gone. Not sure if there was a problem or you deleted it! It was just to say I was so glad you had a good day. :-) x

  2. Lol that's weird - I haven't deleted it for sure so I guess it's floating in the ether.

    Nice to meet you :-)