Monday, 4 October 2010


I'm struggling. Managed to drag myself to the supermarket with my OH. Wasn't that good but I managed to be RELATIVELY restrained. I managed to get cream cakes for him and resist that temptation. But I still came away with cookies, sweets and white chocolate. Damn. So far I haven't touched any. I guess I'll give in to the temptation with a few boiled sweets this evening but I'm going to try and hold off eating any other junk. In an ideal world I would manage not to eat ANY crap, but I'm not doing so great today.

Food so far:

Small portion pasta with lots of veggie sauce
2 Weetabix

Not bad.

It's the evening that always buggers me up though. I need comfort and I give up trying. Yet ironically it just makes me feel worse, and beats my self-esteem further into the ground.

I'll do my best.

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