Friday, 8 October 2010


Today was much better.

Just wanted a quick opinion from you other bloggers out there - do you think it's appropriate for me to post numbers/lists of food on my blog? Sometimes I am hyper aware that posting my weight and other such specifics can be very triggering. I know myself that I am never triggered by other people posting weight, binges etc. But I want to be as conscious as I can that there are people out there who could be influenced, especially as clinically my weight is on the low end of normal and my eating can be pretty dysfunctional at times.

So, anyone have an opinion? Would be interesting to know your thoughts.

Had a great walk with the dog today and he met his best doggie friend. They like to chase each other until they flop, at which point they cuddle each other and lick each others' faces. It's so cute! He has his favourite friends, most definitely. He's scarily human sometimes. I swear we read each others' thoughts. Bless.

I managed to see my therapist today. She gave me another proverbial kick up the backside about getting out, and after my appt I managed to walk quite a way through a busy shopping district, buy some bits for the dog and change my library books. Go me! Hopefully I am pushing for my OH to take said doggie and I out for a long long walk tomorrow. We have a gorgeous waterfall we go to and it's very special being able to stand behind it and see the forest through a blur. The dog gets a bit freaked out and wet, but I'm sure it's a good experience for him!

So food wise...I did ok. Perhaps I could have spaced my eating out better as I had nothing until dinner, and then too many snacks in the evening. But overall it wasn't too bad, considering yesterday's disaster. And it is always so hard to pick myself up after a binge so I am giving myself some credit for progress.

Plus as my T constantly reminds me, I have come SO far in the past year. I've become abstinent from drink and drugs, I've completely stopped self harming, I'm no longer clinically fact I think my bad moods are often due to frustration about not being in a place to do all the cool things at once that I want to achieve. I have to remember baby steps, baby steps....keep going forward and if I make the same amount of progress this year I could almost be classed as 'normal'! Whatever that is. Just not so obsessive would be good. And detaching my emotions from my weight and food intake. It's happening. It's just slow.

The best things come to those who wait...

Hope you've all had a good day x


  1. My two cents

    I think you should feel free to post your weight and caloric intake. It is your blog and it if feels right to you then go for it. It doesn't trigger me. But, it kind of helps me to know who you are better. Anyhow, I am glad to know you are well.

  2. wow, you've come such a long way! i'm 2.5 weeks abstinent from food and drugs. i'm admire you so.

    my weight is okay. i've come a long way with my eating disorder.

    you ask great questions. i've never known what to post or not. it is YOUR blog, so i would do what feels right for you.

  3. It's true, it's your blog and it's up to you. Maybe if you are going to post numbers, maybe put in the subject possibly triggering. I've seen some people do that and then if someone stumbles upon it it's up to them if they still read on. Just a thought. I don't post numbers myself but that's because I can sometimes find them triggering if I'm in the wrong mood and I'm hyper aware of others reading my blog that may not be in a good headspace. But this has been drummed into me so it may not be right for you. Like I said it is your blog to do as you want to :-)