Wednesday, 6 October 2010


Well I've had a fairly good day. My mood has been quite positive and I've been less snappy. I cut down my pain patches as planned. So far I do have more pain but it's not intolerable. I guess it'll hit in the next couple of days when there's less in system. Fingers crossed I will feel the energy return! I'm sick of living in a drug-fog.

G (dog) got a really long walk this morning and the sunshine was gorgeous. It's October and I was seriously wearing shorts and a vest top. How bizarre. Granted I walk fast to get my heart rate up and that warms me, but still, it was sunny and warm. Why can't every day be so pleasant?!

Food wise, hmmm. I feel guilty about what I ate today, I feel like it should be less. I want to lose a few pounds and right now it's pretty unrealistic. I properly exercised for the first time in ages yesterday and woke up aching. At the start of this year I was super fit, loved the gym and had a toned body and no love handles. Now although I am actually a lower weight, I have many squishy bits, so I'm gradually reintroducing strength training. I miss being toned and athletic.

Food today:

4 Weetabix
Small serve pasta with veggie sauce
2 Apples
Kiwi fruit
Giant white chocolate cookie.

Not the end of the world. But not great, especially as I am trying to ward off a binge right now. I have a habit of stashing comfort food away when I'm restricting, which inevitably means when I finally crack and binge, I have heaps of my favourite foods to binge on. I am working on this...but for some reason I feel safe and secure with the food there, even if I never eat it. Bizarre!

Hope you all had a good day. It's nice to feel like this gets read and responded too. I am doing better at responding to others. When you have no impartial sounding board in everyday life, a blog is a good friend to have.


  1. Good to know all is well. I have to know, what is a boiled sweet? Is it like a caramel?

  2. Lol, a boiled sweet is basically hard candy, in American English. So anything that you suck instead of chew I guess...unless it has a chewy centre! Hope that helps :-). I lived in Australia and was SO confused by them calling sweets 'lollies', couldn't get over the fact that to me it meant water ice. Oh dear! We had a funny time working out what my Auntie meant when she said she had lost her pants, seeing as we use that word to mean underwear. Hehe.

  3. lol, thanks for clarifying.