Sunday, 17 October 2010



Had a nice day, it would have been marginally better if I'd eaten a little more. My blood sugar was low due to my lack of food, and considering I was shaky and faint it was hard going on our 3 hour walk. It was beautiful though and I did eat lunch. Since we got back I managed cereal for dinner.

I guess the reason I'm not eating so great is because my weight is REFUSING to budge downwards. I know this is because I'm pretty small anyway, and right now I don't have a lot of muscle, so I guess I'm not burning the amount of calories I'm taking in and then some. I'm not gaining but then again I wouldn't expect to at this level of eating.

So I'm kind of tossing up between major restricting or trying to maintain, which is possibly scarier because when I eat more I end up getting hungry more, and that triggers the urge to binge.

Argh, decisions!

So yeh, it's by birthday tomorrow and we went for the most gorgeous walk today and saw some cool waterfalls. The dog had an absolute blast, and I enjoyed it too, especially as there's a lot of really rough terrain so I got a good workout. I'm shattered now but in a good way, and tomorrow we're going shopping and for food so I have a nice day to look forward to.

I REALLY want to drink.

Oh, the gig last night went really great. It was awesome and I got offered another one Tuesday. Yay! I kind of hate that we never have a set list and I have to improvise on practically every song. It makes for really hard work and a lot of concentration. If I zone out for even a few seconds I'm in danger of not following what's going on, especially when I don't know the structure of the song.

I shall post more later, when I have more thoughts...


  1. I know what you mean about eating more as as soon as I do that I want to keep eating and eating. It's driving me mad. I hope you have a lovely birthday :-)

  2. Not easy, hey? I wish food would just GO AWAY for ever and I could just take a pill each day instead of eating. Alternatively, every woman's dream - eat whatever and gain no weight. Lol, when pigs fly!

  3. Good job with the gig! It seems like you had a really great day today and I'm glad that you got to go for such a nice walk. That sounds like a lot of fun and I love waterfalls :)

    Happy early birthday!! I hope you have a beautiful day <3


  4. Thanks Nicole,

    My birthday was good, it was peaceful and no drama....woo!