Saturday, 9 October 2010


Today is a great day in La La Land...

I don't know why and I'm not complaining, but I woke up feeling GREAT today, positive and motivated. Have already been out with my OH on a dog walk. Nearly got blown away in the miserable weather - the forecast was 22 degrees and's probably 14 degrees and grey. Whoops! Good job we didn't end up going camping.

Do I'm off to do some necessary shopping...I was pissed because it was my OH's birthday last week and I ordered a really nice new Berghaus jacket and fleece. He is ALWAYS a size M and omitted to tell me that in this particular brand he is a size S lol. So one company will take the fleece back but I lose £10 on postage charges, and the other £75 jacket I have had to put on Ebay at a significantly reduced price. So we're off to a local outdoor shop to REbuy these items in the right size! Oh dear... lots of money and time wasted, but I want him to have what he wants, lol, he's pretty small and looks ridiculously swamped in the size I got. Next time I'll have to make it a non-surprise...

Hence why I hate clothes shopping for men - why oh why do they refuse to use dressing rooms?!

I also need to go to the Post Office to send the fleece back, and get my prescription dispensed. Busy day - then it's time for a jam session to get our shit together.

Weirdly I seem to feel bigger than I did a few months ago, despite being significantly smaller. My weight spooked me this morning.... 6.6.6. Oh dear! Creepy. Bad omen!?

I'm having a happy day. Isn't it great when that happens?

Thank you to all who commented about numbers. I am still mulling that over .


  1. This post made me smile. I wish that men used fitting rooms too. Isn't it annoying shopping with them. My husband will put the item up against him and go, yeah that look right. I say to try them on and he won't. I did manage to get him to do that once for some jeans but seriously men drive me nuts for clothes shopping.

  2. Lol, men and shopping = disaster/frustrated woman

    Unless it involves electricals or record stores, then it's frustrated woman/happy man!

    Hope all is well...I'll be catching up with blogs in the morning, spent my entire evening listing clothes on Ebay, trying to have a clear out!

    Love x